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École Albert d'Arnal - Training Technical-Comercial

The Group Albert d'Arnal not only aims to sell cosmetics of high quality, they also help their concessionaries in their marketing strategy, in order to help them and make the distribution more attractive for their potential customers. 

The Group provides technical and commercial training, while supporting them in their sales effort.

We have created a technical commercial training program, to be implemented through internet, for application in the professional work, as distributors, salesmen, cosmetic consultants and personal image. 

This program serves to increase the sales figures and consists of an aesthetic course and cosmetology that covers all the needs of the professional and consists of the following issues:


Cosmotology Program: The objective of this program is to train the professional and student, about the all the cosmetic products that will be used by the professional.


Program of How to apply Cosmetics: This programs the necessary information about “How to Diagnose any dermal problems” and analysis techniques.  


Sales Program: This program is the secret that “opens the door for sales”. Created for managers, monitors, and senior sales people.


Confidential information of the Albert d’Arnal comercial protocols. 


This information consists of communication material, prepared and studied in advance, so that at all levels of the commercial structure they have their scheduled actions to be taken, solutions, any problems and logistical support that Albert d'Arnal will facilitate.

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