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Four products that will keep the skin of your body always young

BARBADOS BODY MILK.  Hydration body milk


Especially recommended after taking a shower or bath in order to prevent dehydration of the skin.  Excellent to be used after depilation because of its relaxing and soothing action. 


Instructions: Apply on dry skin and make it penetrate while accomplishing a soft massage.


Presentation: 500 ml.

HYDRALGA GEL.  Bath gel with scrub effect


Bath Gel with anti-cellulite and slimming effect, based on algae and ivy extract. The scrub effect provokes a progressive exfoliation of the skin. The contribution of the vitamins C and E revitalizes and protects the dermis, inhibiting the action of free radicals. 


Instructions:T his product is to be used when taking a bath or shower, when the skin needs an exfoliation; insisting on elbows, knees and other parts with accumulation of dead skin cells.


Presentation: 250 m

OIL FIRM. Reaffirm Bath Oil


Bath Oil of fine texture that reaffirms and protects the dermis.


Instructions: Apply oil on humid or dry skin after taking a shower or bath, obtaining different textures. When applied on humid skin it becomes milky and when applied on dry skin it has an oily effect. Does not stain clothes.


Presentation: 250 ml.

COLD GEL . Reaffirm Bath Oil


Gel with relaxing, hypothermic and purifying action, that produces a sensation of relief due to the plant extract Ginkgo Biloba, of which the active flavonoides help to relax the legs. Its use is recommended, as it stimulates the blood circulation, thanks to the composition of Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus Oil. It can be used without a specific treatment.


Instructions: Apply Gel and start to make a soft massage beginning by the feet and finishing on the inner part of the thighs. To improve its effect, it is recommended to moisten the area before or after applying the gel. Repeat the application as many times as necessary to achieve the desired relief of ‘heavy legs’.


 Presentation: 250 ml.