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Collagen: a substance that keeps your skin forever young


Soluble collagen is the most important protein of the cell structure. 75% of the weight of the dermis and 35% of body proteins are collagen.


The primary cause of skin aging is the transformation of Soluble Collagen, content in our skin, in Insoluble Collagen. 


Therefore, without any doubt, Soluble Collagen is the most effective anti-aging product that exists nowadays and as it is associated with Coenzyme Q-10, improves the effectiveness of this product, providing energy to the cells because of the ATP effect. (Adenosine triphosphate).




Collagen Cream with Coenzyme Q10 and Revitaline BT. Suitable for flaccid, dehydrated and lifeless skin. Because of the union of its components, the skin will stay elastic, hydrated and oxygenated.

As this cream is rich in vitamin E and F, it improves the cellular renovation, protects, softens and optimizes the aspect of the skin.


Instructions: Apply cream during the day and/or at night, after a correct cleansing of the skin, while realizing a light t massage until total absorption of the product.


Presentation: 50 ml. and 250 ml.




The synergic action of the Native Collagen and the high Glycerine content in this formula, help to preserve the pH-factor of the skin, avoiding dryness and wrinkles. The content of Allantoin reduces the reddening of the skin, protecting the epidermis of climatic factors.


Instructions: Apply a generous quantity on the back of the hands and massage hands until total absorption of the product.


Presentation: 50 ml


COLLAGEN LIFT. Special Gel for eye and lip contour with liposomes.


Special Gel for eye and lip contour, based on Collagen and Elastin with liposomes anti-age. It has relieving and refreshing effects while performing effectively on the treated area. It smoothes eye-bags and minimizes the wrinkles around the lips. This gelprotects against solar radiation.


Instructions: Apply the Gel on the area to be treated, while tapping lightly with fingertips until total absorption of the product. It can be used at any time of the day, even on make-up; providing freshness and relief to the skin. Avoid touching the corners of the eyes.


Presentation: 30 ml  




This treatment is especially conceived for those skin types with signs of ageing, lack of tonicity, spots, too much sun exposure, or lifeless skin.

It reactivates the cellular metabolism, increases the hydration and turgidity of the skin, revitalizes and helps to recover the elasticity of the epidermis.


Application Method: Cleanse the area to be treated. Extend the Collagen Gel on face, neck and neckline. Place the veil on the gel and mould it on to the face. Leave it to work for 20 minutes. Withdraw the veil and realize a modelling massage during 5 minutes, with theleftover gel. Remove the leftover product.

Apply the Biological, realizing a soft massage until its total absorption.


Presentation: Box with 6 treatments




Lotion/Emulsion in two phases, to cleanse and tonify aged or devitalized skin. Moisturizes and nourishes while cleansing and leaves the skin tonified and fresh for its subsequent treatment, contributed the soluble vitamins (A, E, F, H and B3), and Horse Chestnut extract. It performs a protective action, provided by Ginkgo Biloba Extract.


Instructions: Apply with a cotton, while accomplishing little circular massages, avoiding at any moment contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Remove the excess emulsion with a wetted cotton. Shake product well before use.


Presentation: 200 ml.