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Line mature, oily /flaccid skin


Like plants, our skin is a living element; therefore our skin also ages. You have to look after it with care. You have to regularly provide the essential amino acids that are gradually lost, as in nature. 




Cream / Gel with important lifting effect, restructuring and moisturizing. Based on Caviar extract, Siberian Ginseng extract and Glycoprotein / Polysaccharides, extracted from Soya

Its innovative formula protects the dermis from premature ageing and stimulates the cellular metabolism in mature and sensitive skin. Contains solar filter.


Instructions: Cleanse skin correctly and apply cream daily while accomplishing a light massage.


Presentation: 50 ml. and 250 ml.



A gentle elixir tonic for to firm and normalize the pH-skin factor. This tonic lotion is recommended to moisten the Caviar Veil.


Instructions:  Moisten the area to be treated and apply the CAVIAR VEIL. With cotton balls or a powder puff soaked in tonic, saturate the VEIL, adapting it to the area with slight touches.


Presenation: 250 ml.

GOLDEN CAVIAR VEIL. Velo de Extracto de Caviar.


In this product a Collagen matrix is used to carry the Caviar extract, which is a powerful anti-ageing agent. It possesses remarkable moisturizing characteristics (due to high capacity of moist retention).


Instructions: Cleanse eyes, face and Neck. Tonify with ELIXIR TONIC.


  1. Apply SVELT PLUS PEELING GOMMAGE and leave the product for three minutes. Work the product for another three minutes while humidifying hands with ELIXIR TONIC. Leave for three minutes more and remove with linen cloth, humidified in lukewarm water, perfumed with Essential Oil of Sandalwood (optional). Total 9 minutes.
  2. Humidify the area to be treated on totally clean skin with ELIXIR TONIC and apply the CAVIAR VEIL. Adapt the veil by means of small touches with cottonmoistened in Elixir Tonic and leave the veil to work for about 20 minutes and moisten the veil regularly with Elixir Tonic if necessary. (Check the veil regularly!) Then remove.
  3. Dry leftover tonic if any, and finish the treatment by giving a relaxing massage with GOLDEN CAVIAR CREAM, to which 3 drops of Essential Oil of Sandalwood have been added (optional).


Presentation: Box with 6 veils.