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The most extensive and effective treatment for oily and / or acneic skin





Foam that easily removes make-up and cleanses profoundly on the delicate skin types. Especially indicated for the hygiene of skin types with tendency to have acne.


Instructions: Apply the foam onto face and neck and realize a smooth and circular massage. Rinse with water afterwards.


Presentation: 150 ml.



PURE SKIN CREAM. Purifying cream


Derma-purifying cream that helps to recover the oily skin areas with black head accumulation. It regenerates the altered skin-tissue, by means of the Salicylic Acid. This cream regulates the oily secretion because of the sulfur compound, protected by colloidal substances that assure the stability and effectiveness.


Instructions: After cleansing and tonifying the skin, the cream should be applied on the most affected areas of the skin by means of clean fingertips. The application should be repeated after each cleansing until obtaining an improvement of the skin


Presentation:  50 ml  




PURE SKIN LOTION. Purifying lotion


Tonifying and astringent solution that balances oily and /or problem skin, while eliminating the oily excess and working on the dilated pores. It also has derma-purifying qualities on the cutaneous surface.


Instructions: Cleanse face and neck profoundly by using a cotton ball, insisting on the affected areas like on the oily secretion and black heads. Continue to apply the Moisturizing Serum in order to balance the skin.



Presentation: 250 ml  


PURE SKIN EQUILIBRANT BIO-FLUID. Equilibrant biological complex.


Biological fluid especially indicated for treatments of problem skin, with excess of oily secretion. This biological product works as a balancing and derma-purifying factor for the cutaneous pores. The organic sulfur derivative and the Burdock plant complex regulate the oily secretion. The Essential Oil of Rosemary helps to purify and cleanse the skin.


Instructions: Cleanse skin profoundly and apply the content of one ampoule while making soft pinching movements with fingertips on face and neck or wherever necessary. Leave the product to work for about 10 minutes and remove the excess of the product by means of a cotton ball soaked in Pure Skin Lotion.


Presentation: Box of 12 ampoules of 4 ml. each




Serum with a texture that is specially formulated for all types of skin. It is easily absorbed, non oily, and leaves the skin in perfect condition while giving it a satin finish.

The product contains assets derived from the algae Laminaria Digitata that stimulates the hydrolysis of lipids and an extract of Crithmum Maritimum, (marine plant) with anti-age effect.


Instructions: After a correct cleansing of the area to be treated, the serum should be applied while realizing a soft massage until total absorption of the product.


Presentation: 50 ml.




Creamy mask that helps to regulate the cutaneous alterations, It purifies and is astringent (helps to close the pores). Balances and normalizes the dermis.


Instructions: Remove make-up and tonify the skin. Apply a generous layer on the area to be treated. Leave the mask to work for about 20 minutes and remove with sponges and abundant lukewarm water.


Presentation: 200ml