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A specific line with the intention to unify the color of the skin and to provide luminosity and brightness.


TOP WHITENING CREAM. Lightening. Anti age


Fluid cream with double effect. Indicated for depigmentation or sun spot removing treatment with the purpose to obtain a uniform and luminous skin tone.

The contents of Collagen transforms it into an anti-wrinkle product that stimulates cellular renovation. It regulates the pH-skin factor, the excessive queratine and it protects the fibroblastic membrane from oxidation. Also contains a solar protection factor.


Instructions: Apply a sufficient quantity of cream on the area to be treated, after a correct cleansing of the skin. Realize a light massage, especially insisting on pigmented areas, until total absorption of the product. This cream should be applied in the morning and at night time during the whole treatment; but especially after the summer season when pigmentation is activated by the sun.

This cream is also very active on the dark age spots on hands.


Presentation: 50 ml.

TOP WHITENING MASK. Lightening. Anti age


Emulsion/cream, that spreads easily. Because of its active elements and Gatuline (powerful depigmentation ingredient), it becomes a multi-faceted products that helps to clarify, moisturize and reaffirm the skin.


Instructions: Cleanse skin profoundly. As a shock treatment, apply a generous layer of the product at night on face, neckline and / or hands twice a week. Leave the mask to work for15 minutes while realizing a massage until total absorption of the product; or remove with abundant water and apply the Top Whitening Cream. The products can be used all year around or whenever a luminous skin tone is desired.


Presentation: 50 ml.



Bio-Enzyme Clarifying Treatment, which is especially indicated for skin with pigmentation, sunspots, etc. Reaffirming and moisturizing.

As the product is effervescent, it activates the elimination of impurities of the horny skin layer. The Collagen content of the cream (apart from the active depigmenting elements), stimulates the cellular renovation, regulates the pH-skin factor and protects the fibroblastic membrane from oxidation. The reaffirming, depigmenting and clarifying  properties, of  this Mask are basic, in order to obtain the desired result at the end of the treatment.




  1. Cleanse eyes and lips with Eye Cleansing Lotion.
  2. Cleanse face, neck and neckline.
  3. Mix in a glass bowl the content of the envelope Top Whitening Enzyme Powder with one tube of the clarifying Top Whitening Lotion.
  4. Whisk with a spatula to obtain the effervescence, until it turns into a soft cream. Apply a uniform layer on the area to be treated. Leave it to work for about 5 to 10 minutes and remove with abundant water. The reaction of effervescence activates the elimination of impurities of the horny stratum.
  5. Subsequently, apply the Top Whitening Cream and realize a draining massage. Insist on the pigmented areas with a cotton bud, impregnated with cream.
  6. Without removing the product, apply a thin layer of the Top Whitening Mask and leave it to work for about 15 minutes.
  7. To finish the treatment, remove the Mask and apply the Top Whitening Cream on face, neck and neckline, while realizing a relaxing massage.


Presentation: Box with 6 treatments..