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Asphyxiated skin


Asphyxiated skin is the type of skin that due to lack of blood circulation or due to the application of improper astringent type of cosmetic products, has completely obstructed the pilosebaceous follicle.

Therefore, an asphyxiated skin is classified in the category of "oily skin", with a problem to liberate sebum to the outside. It solidifies within the pore, obstructing it and producing micro cysts called "miliums". Small deposits of grease, perfectly visible from the outside but they are ‘trapped’ inside the skin.




The skin presents an excess of keratinization, small micro white cysts, especially on and around cheeks and around the eyes. Rough skin and  becomes easily irritated.


Adequate treatment


First of all we have to eliminate the cause that in the majority of cases is due to improper use of cosmetics.

It is recommended not to use soap and apply peelings that work profoundly and at the same time, are not aggressive.


Home treatment

  • Cleasing
    • Day: Natura Essential Tonic Lotion.
    • Night: Natura Essential Make-Up Remover, Natura Essential Cleansing Milk, Natura Essential Tonic Lotion.
  • Protection
    • Day: Snail Cream, Collagen Lift (around eyes and lips)
    • Night: AHA Fruit Forte Complex Glyco Gel,Collagen Lift (around eyes and lips)
  • Special Care
    • Twice a week AHA Fruit Forte Bio Exfoliant,New Tenuiflora Mask

Salon treatment

  1. Remove make-up from eyes and lips with Natura Essential Make-Up Remover.
  2. Remove make-up from face and neck with Natura Essential Cleansing Milk.
  3. Tonify the skin with Natura Essential Tonic Lotion.
  4. Make a peeling with an ampoule of AHA Fruit Forte Complex Intensive Exfoliant, (following the steps, recommended in the protocol for normal and mixed skin).
  5. After 10 minutes, remove with cosmetic sponges or facial gauzes, moistened with warm water.
  6. Realize a stimulating massage with Snail Cream.
  7. Without removing the product, moisturize the skin with Alginatos Mask CA-37.
  8. Remove the entire mask and any leftover product with a cotton pad moistened with Essential Natura Tonic Lotion.
  9. Finish the treatment with a light massage using the AHA Fruit Forte Repair Cream.


Treatment frecuency


During one month – one treatment per week. Thereafter: every two weeks a treatment should be done during the following month.

Before starting the treatment, it is advisable to do a facial cleansing.




Do not apply this treatment on skin with skin conditions (as in sores, rashes, etc.)


During the first minutes of application the skin can turn red and stingy, which will disappear shortly after.


If the reaction is superior to normal, remove the product with abundant water, even if the treatment has not been finished.


Do not depilate the skin 24 hours before and after the application of the treatment.


Avoid direct sun exposure during treatment.


Do not use electric appliances during application of treatment.


Do not apply this treatment when applying other dermatological treatments such as:

Herpes Treatment

Hormone Treatment

Treatment with Retinoic Acid or any other treatment.


You can combine the treatment with other cosmetic treatments, because of the synergic action; it increases the absorption of the product.


Initially, we recommend the client to use the AHA products at home, for at least 7 days. Thereafter it is advisable to continue with the salon treatment.


Important note: Buffered System product: contains a neutralizing solution of a part of the glycolic acid by means of salt of the acid itself (glycolate), which regulates and maintains the pH skin factor, avoiding the danger of an excessive aggressive action.