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Bust treatment

The breast has no effective support element, unlike other organs, such as abdomen, which are hold in place by strong ligaments.

The breasts consist of three essential parts: skin, adipose cellular tissue and mammary gland.

The main physiological and most evident function of the mammary gland is the milk secretion that, after childbirth, is intimately linked to the endocrine system.





In case of breast problems, the influence of the other glands must always be taken into account.


The three glands that are most closely linked with the mammary gland are: ovaries, thyroid, and hypophysis.


Anomalies that may occur in the breast may be caused by the before mentioned glands, weight loss and pregnancy, and present themselves with an unsightly laxity.



Adequate treatment


An adequate treatment is very complex and the results may vary, as a breast with flaccidity due to pregnancy or weight loss is not the same as another breast, where the cause is muscle drooping, due to very developed breasts or age.

Before starting the treatment, it is indispensable to explore both breasts in order to discard any anomaly.


Home treatment

  • Day: Tonify with Reaffirming Fruit Water Lemon and Grape and apply Volumizing Gel-Cream.
  • Night: Apply daily, during one month, Bio Sveltine Facial/Breasts, followed by Spa Reaffirming Cream. Continue applying Spa Reaffirming Cream if no Improvement is noticed.
  • Special care
    • Apply twice a week the Chrysalis Firm Mask

Salon treatment


As this is a complicated treatment, there are two options:

1st Option: If breasts are flaccid due to pregnancy or weight loss, the treatment to follow is the protocol of the Chronobiological Integral Reaffirming Treatment.


2nd Option: If, however, breasts present muscle drooping due to over-developed breasts or age, follow the following protocol.


  1. Apply a peeling with the mixture of Svelt Plus Peeling Gommage (50%), 25% Natura Essential Cleansing Milk (25%) and Reaffirming Fruit Water Lemon and Grape (25%).
  2. Remove the peeling with sponges and cold water.
  3. Tonify the skin with Reaffirming Fruit Water Lemon and Grape.
  4. With the client lying face down, apply percussion techniques on back and shoulder-blades, (to strengthen the muscles).
  5. Let the client turn around and apply on breasts and neckline, one ampoule of Bio Sveltine Reaffirming Facial/Breasts, extending the product with draining movements, until it is fully absorbed.
  6. Without removing the product, apply Alginates Mask CA-37 on the entire area to be treated and leave it work for 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the mask and tonify the skin with Reaffirming Fruit Water Lemon and Grape.
  8. Finish the treatment with a draining massage by applying SPA Reaffirming Cream.


Treatment frecuency


In both options, it is advisable to carry out two treatments per week, during the first month, and one treatment per week during the following month.


Note:  To obtain good results, the client must strictly follow the applications at home that the professional esthetician has advised.


Note: With this treatment we achieve improvement of the flaccidity and hydration of the skin tissue, resulting in a turgidity and luminosity effect, which will remind the client of her original beauty,