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Cellulite treatment

Cellulite or dermatopaniculosis is pathology of the cutaneous micro-circulation that affects women of all ages. Even the youngest girls and sportswomen can be surprised by the appearance of “orange peel” skin, that sometimes is accompanied by water retention and accumulation of adipose cells, which are deposited in cavities, just under the skin surface.




As mentioned before, the “orange peel” skin is normally situated around hips, thighs, buttocks and sometimes on the arms. The water retention and poor blood circulation may cause swellings in legs and ankles, accompanied by a so called heavy feeling.


Adequate treatment


In cosmetology, detoxifying and draining therapies are being used, combining natural products and laboratory products, working together to achieve optimum results in the elimination of toxins and intestinal liquids in the conjunctive tissue.



Home treatment


  • Day: Fresh Orange Cream.
  • Night: Apply during one month Bio-Sveltine Anti-Cellulite ampoules on alternative days, using the 2 products in the box. In continuation, apply SPA Anti-Cellulite Cream and realize a massage until total absorption of the product.
  • Special care
    • Daily: Take a daily shower with Barbados Hidralga Gel. (With scrub effect).

Salon treatment


Two weeks before starting the treatment, practice four sessions of perspiration, (twice per week). This treatment protocol will be as follows:



  1. Apply a thick layer of Spa Cream Sauna Effect on the area to be treated, and cover it with a plastic sheet and an electric blanket. Perspiring-time: 40 minutes. It is recommended to offer the client an infusion of horsetail during the session.
  2. After the perspiring-session, cleanse the area with towels and warm water or take a shower.
  3. When dry, finish with a massage of Fresh Orange Cream.


After two weeks, the next protocol should be followed:


  1. Prepare a mixture of SPA Micronized Fucus (50%) and SPA Micronized Purifying Clay (50%). Add mineral water until a creamy texture is obtained.
  2. Apply the mixture on the area to be treated. Cover the area with a plastic sheet and leave it working during 25 minutes.
  3. Remove the product and apply an ampoule of Bio-Sveltine Anti-Cellulite, following the protocol as recommended on the box.
  4. Without removing the product, finalize the treatment, with a draining massage using SPA Anti-Cellulite Cream.


Treatment frecuency

It is recommendable to carry out a treatment 3 times per week during one month, and twice per week, during the following month.