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Treatment for muscle contractions

Muscle pains are common and more than one muscle can be involved. It may also involve ligaments, tendons and the soft tissues that connect the muscles, bones and organs.

Muscle pain is usually closely related to stress, tension or injury because of exercises or physically-demanding work.

It can also be a sign of disease that affect the whole body, such as some infections (including flu) and disorders that affect connective tissues throughout the body, such as arthritis or lupus.





A common cause of muscle aches and pains is fibromyalgia, a disorder that involves sensitivity in muscles and surrounding soft tissue, difficulty to sleep, fatigue and headaches.


Adequate treatment


Massages and stretching exercises are a welcome treatment. In massages, products with thermogenic active substances are being used, to provide relief for the muscular symptoms.


Home treatment

Apply Thermo-Relax twice a day on the affected area, realizing a gentle massage.


Salon treatment

  1. Before starting the treatment, it is essential to know the characteristics and problems that affect the discomfort.
  2. Apply on the painful area a poultice, prepared with SPA Micronized Purifying Clay, a tablespoon of Thermo-Relax and hot mineral water, until obtaining an thick creamy emulsion.
  3. Cover it with a plastic sheet and leave it to work for 30 minutes. (Optionally, an electric blanket can be used).
  4. Remove the plastic sheet and remove the product with sponges and hot water.
  5. To finish treatment, realize a decontracting massage with Thermo-Relax.


Treatment frecuency

It is difficult to advise the number of sessions as it depends on the discomfort and evolution after the treatment.