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Dehydrated skin

Dehydration of the skin is a natural ageing process. The stratum corneum (horny skin layer) of a young skin contains 13% of water, which reduces to 7% in ageing skin. Therefore, any type of skin can show symptoms of dehydration in a higher or lower degree, although it is more detected in alipic skin, because of missing the natural protection and therefore lose more quantity of water.





This type of skin is dry and flaky. In general it does not tolerate the use of soap and reacts with an itching feeling and a sensation of tension. It badly resists low temperatures and has a tendency to form premature wrinkles.



Adequate treatment


Cosmetic research and new techniques achieved to obtain formulas of active ingredients based on biotechnology that improve hydration and increase its stability, correct the superficial morphology and have film-forming properties with capacity of retaining water.

Therefore, the appropriate treatment will be the use of products with special moisturizing active ingredients, whose composition has to be richer than the cosmetic products used for dry skin.


Home treatment

  • Cleansing
    • Day: Natura Essential Tonic Lotion - S
    • Night: Natura Essential Make-Up Remover, Natura Essential Cleansing Milk - S, Natura Essential Tonic Lotion - S
  • Protection
    • Day: ADN + Vit. C. with Aloe Vera. Hydrating Cream, Collagen Lift (around eyes and lips).
    • Night: ADN + Vit. C. with Silk. Night Repair.
  • Special care
    • Weekly: Peeling Gommage, Chrysalis Firm Mask.
    • Twice a year: During one month a shock treatment with Neovitamin C.

Salon treatment

  1. Remove make-up from eyes and lips with Natura Essential Make-Up Remover
  2. Remove make-up from face and neck with Natura Essential Cleansing Milk – S
  3. Cleanse with cotton pads or facial gauze, moistened with warm water.
  4. Apply a peeling with Peeling Gommage
  5. Remove any leftover product with facial gauzes moistened with luke warm water.
  6. Tonify with Natura Essential Tonic Lotion–S
  7. Apply one ampoule of Neovitamin C, realizing of a draining massage until the product is completely absorbed.
  8. Without removing the product, apply an Alginatos CA-37 mask, in order to obtain better absorption and hydration by means of osmosis.
  9. Remove the mask and if there is any leftover product, remove it with a cotton pad moistened with Natura Essential Tonic Lotion - S
  10. Finally apply ADN + Vit. C with Aloe Vera Hydrating Cream and realize a gentle massage.


Treatment frecuency

One session per week, during the first month is recommended, and one treatment every two weeks, during the following month.