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Flaccid body treatment

Body flaccidity appears when there is loss of muscular tone and elasticity of the skin.

It usually appears when there are changes in body weight or accumulation in determined body parts.

Age and cutaneous quality are also debit to this problem.




Lack of muscular tone in abductors, arms, breasts, buttocks and unaesthetic flaccidity on and around the abdomen.


Adequate treatment


The adequate treatment consists in tonification and recuperation of the body tissues, using adequate cosmetic applications, corporal massages and exercise.


Home treatment

  • Day: Apply on alternative days, and after the daily shower, Barbados Oil Firm and Fresh Orange Cream.
  • Night: Apply during one month and on alternative days, one ampoule of Bio-Sveltine Reducing/Reaffirming, followed by application of Spa Reaffirming Cream. (Apply daily Spa Reaffirming Cream).
  • Special care.
    • When taking a shower, use Barbados Hidralga Gel with scrub effect.
    • Apply 3 times a week Barbados Oil Firm.


Salon treatment

  1. Mix Svelt Plus Peeling Gommage (75%) with Natura Essential Cleansing Milk (25%) and apply the mixture on to the area to be treated and make a peeling.
  2. Remove the product with abundant warm water.
  3. Dry the skin and tonify with Reaffirming Fruit Water Lemon and Grape.
  4. Apply one ampoule of Bio-Sveltine Reducing/Reaffirming on the area to be treated and realize a kneading massage with hand knuckles.
  5. Prepare a mask with a mixture of Spa Micronized Purifying Clay (75%) and Spa Reaffirming Cream (25%) and add the necessary quantity of mineral water to get a creamy mixture.
  6. Apply the mixture on the area to be treated and cover it with a plastic sheet. Leave it to work for 30 minutes.
  7. Remove the mixture with abundant warm water. Dry and tonify the skin with Reaffirming Fruit Water Lemon and Grape.
  8. Complete the treatment by applying Spa Reaffirming Cream with a stimulating massage.


Treatment frecuency

It is recommendable to apply 2 treatments a week during the first month, and 1 per week during the following month.