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Flaccid skin

The main cause of a flaccid skin is the loss of collagen and elastin; substances that are responsible for providing tonicity and firmness.

Flaccidity appears primarily due to aging of the skin, but many other factors have influence on this process, such as a bad diet, poor in proteins which are necessary to give firmness to the dermis.





Lack of tonicity and flaccidity of the skin tissue.


Adequate treatment


The most suitable treatment for this type of skin problem is the use of moisturizing, protecting and regenerating elements, which help to recuperate skin tissue.

Restoring cell treatments and active ingredients which improve skin cell cohesion and make it more flexible.


Home treatment


  • Cleansing.
    • Day: Reaffirming Fruit Water, Lemon and Grape
    • Night: Natura Essential Make-Up Remover, Natura Essential Cleansing Milk, Reaffirming Fruit Water, Lemon and Grape.
  • Protection.
    • Day: 1º Chronobiological Volumizing Gel,2º Chronobiological Special Cream, Chronobiological Liquid Crystal Eye Contour.
    • Night: Bio Collagen Silk with Q10, Chronobiological Liquid Crystal Eye Contour.
  • Special care
    • Once a week: Svelt Plus Peeling Gommage, Chrysalis Firm Mask.
    • Twice a year: During 1 month; Bio-Sveltine Reaffirming Facial/Breasts.

Salon treatment

  1. Remove make-up from eyes and lips with Natura Essential Make-Up Remover.
  2. Remove make-up from face and neck with Natura Essential Cleansing Milk.
  3. Apply Chronobiological Enzymatic Peeling on face, neck and/or breasts and let it work for 5 minutes (avoiding eye contact).
  4. Remove with sponges or facial gauze, moistened with warm water.
  5. Tonify the skin with Natura Essential Tonic Lotion–S
  6. Apply a layer of Chronobiological Volumizing Gel-Cream on the area to be treated and realize an energetic massage until total absorption of the product.
  7. Without removing the product, apply Chronobiological Cold Gel Mask (cooling effect) and place pre-cut facial gauze over the area to be treated, moistened with Essential Natura Tonic Lotion-S.
  8. Remove the mask with “cold” water.
  9. Apply Special Reaffirming Cream and realize a stimulating massage, until total absorption of the product.


Treatment frecuency


We recommend a shock treatment applying one session per week during one month. Continue the treatment one more month, with one session every 15 days.



Note: Chronobiological Integral Reaffirming Treatment is indicated for flaccidity and dehydration of face, neck and breasts. The benefits of the active ingredients will result in a splendid and radiant skin, regaining its original firmness and beauty.