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Mature and dehydrated skin

In mature and dehydrated skin we observe some thin epidermal lines with little wrinkles going in all directions. The most critical factor that determines the degree of hydration of the corneum stratum is its own natural capacity to retain water.

The same as in young dehydrated skin, the skin tissue slowly loses its flexibility. The beginning of the process of aging and dehydration with aesthetic impact starts between 30 and 35 years.




Peeling of the skin with sensation of tightness and more or less important wrinkles.


Adequate treatment


The adequate treatment for this type of skin is the use of special active ingredients that create a hydro-lipid layer to prevent evaporation of the water inside the epidermis and its subsequent reconstruction from inside the organism, to the most superficial skin layers.


Home treatment

  • Cleansing
    • Day: Natura Essential Tonic Lotion - S
    • Night: Vitamin Biphasic Lotion
  • Protection
    • Day: Collagen Synergy Cream, Collagen Lift (around eyes and lips).
    • Night: Natura Essential Make-Up Remover, Bio Collagen Silk with Q10, Collagen Lift (around eyes and lips).
  • Special care
    • Once a week: Plastic Peeling, New Tenuiflora Mask.
    • Twice a year: Shock treatment with Neovitamin C (for its effect on collagen synthesis).


Salon treatment

  1. Remove make-up from eyes and lips with Natura Essential Make-Up Remover
  2. Remove make-up from face and neck with Vitamin Biphasic Lotion
  3. Apply a peeling with a mixture of Svelt Plus Peeling Gommage and Natura Essential Cleansing Milk – S (50% of each product)
  4. Remove the peeling with abundant warm water.
  5. Tonify con Natura Essential Tonic Lotion - S
  6. Extend Collagen Gel of the Top Collagen Mask Treatment onto face, neck and neckline.
  7. Place the Top Collagen Veil on the gel, molding it onto face, neck and neckline.
  8. Leave it to work for 20 minutes.
  9. Remove the veil and carry out a modeling massage for 5 minutes, with the leftover gel.
  10. Remove any leftover product with cotton pads moistened with Essential Natura Tonic Lotion.
  11. Apply the Biological with Co-enzyme and realize a gentle massage until its total absorption.



Treatment frecuency

We recommend one treatment weekly during one month. Continue the treatment 1 more month, applying the treatment every 15 days.


Note: The Top Collagen Mask Treatment is especially developed for skin with signs of skin aging. It reactivates the cellular metabolism, increases the hydration and the turgidity of the skin, revitalizes the skin and makes it recuperate its elasticity.