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Mature / oily and flaccid skin

Flaccidity of the skin is due to lack of consistency or firmness. When getting older, the skin loses its firmness due to the decreasing skin-cell quality, caused by reduction of collagen and elastin which form the basis of solid cells.

Oily skin has a higher tendency to become flaccid skin.




Flaccidity, double chin, drooping eyelids with eye bags and little muscle firmness. Opaque color with a high degree of dehydration.


Adequate treatment


For the adequate treatment, it is necessary to use products with significant lifting effect, containing restructuring and moisturizing substances that protect against premature aging and stimulate the cellular metabolism.


Home treatment

  • Cleansing
    • Day: Natura Essential Tonic Lotion.
    • Night: Natura Essential Make-Up Remover, Pure Skin Foam Cleanser, Natura Essential Tonic Lotion.
  • Protection
    • Day: Orchid Skin Line Golden Caviar, Chronobiological Liquid Crystal Eye Contour.
    • Night: Snail Cream, Chronobiological Liquid Crystal Eye Contour.
  • Special Care
    • Once a week: Svelt Plus Peeling Gommage, Relaxing Mask.


Salon treatment

  1. Remove make-up from eyes and lips with Natura Essential Make-Up Remover.
  2. Remove make-up from face and neck with Pure Skin Foam Cleanser.
  3. Remove Foam Cleanser with cosmetic sponge or facial gauze moistened with warm water.
  4. Apply Svelt Plus Peeling Gommage and leave it to work for 3 minutes. Thereafter massage face and neck with the Peeling Gommage, moistening your hands with Elixir Tonic Lotion, in order to get an emulsion, and leave it exposed for another three minutes. (Total 9 minutes).
  5. Remove with sponges or facial cloth, moistened with warm water.
  6. With the skin completely clean, moisten the area to be treated with two cotton pads soaked in Elixir Tonic Lotion. Apply the Caviar Veil, which will be adapted over face and neck, by small touches, using a cotton pad impregnated with Elixir Tonic Lotion.
  7. Leave the veil for 20 minutes and check regularly if the veil is still moist. If not, tap again with the Elixir Tonic Lotion and remove the Veil.
  8. Remove excess of the product (if any) and dry face and neck.
  9. Finalize treatment by realizing relaxing massage with Orchid Skin Golden Caviar Cream.


Treatment frecuency

As a shock treatment it is recommended to do one treatment weekly, for one month.

This treatment is ideal for brides and social events.


Note: Caviar Extract and Collagen Matrix act in synergy, providing hydration to the skin, stimulating blood circulation, reaffirming skin tissue and  improving the dermis surface.