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Treatment for obesity

First of all we should differentiate chronic obesity from localized obesity. Chronic obesity may be caused by many different factors. It is characterized by excessive accumulation of fat or general hypertrophy of the adipose body tissue; meaning, when the natural reserve of energy stored as in body fat, it increases to a point where it is associated with numerous complications such as certain health conditions or diseases.

Localized obesity, despite weight loss and physical exercise, does not diminish and deteriorates the body contours.




Obesity is part of the metabolic syndrome, being a known risk factor, i.e. it has the tendency to provoke various diseases, particularly cardiovascular, diabetes, apnea, ictus and something that we should not forget, an unaesthetic body contour, which can cause an inferiority complex.


Adequate treatment


In order to treat localized obesity we will use products that are applied topically and that work on the adipose tissue and help to reduce volume. These products will be accompanied by massages and appropriate appliances.


Home treatment

  • Day: During one month, apply daily one vial of Bio-Sveltine Reducing/Reaffirming, followed by the application of Fresh Orange Cream.
  • Night: SPA Thermo-active Gel.
  • Special Care
    • Daily: Take a daily shower and use Barbados Hidralga Gel (with scrub effect).

Salon treatment


Note: In this treatment, it is not necessary to carry out a peeling, because the mixture of products to be applied, has exfoliating properties.


  1. Mix Spa Micronized Fucus (50%), Spa Purifying Clay (25%), Spa Cream Sauna Effect (25%) and add mineral water to achieve a creamy texture.
  2. Apply this mixture on the area to be treated, cover it with osmotic film (plastic sheet) and leave it working during 45 minutes. Optionally you may use an electric blanket over the plastic sheet.
  3. Remove the product with cotton gloves, towels and warm water.
  4. Apply one ampoule of Bio-Sveltine Reducing / Reaffirming and realize a gentle massage on the area to be treated, until its total absorption.
  5. Without removing the product, finish the treatment with a draining massage with Fresh Orange Cream.


Treatment frecuency

It is advisable to carry out two treatments per week during one month and one treatment per week during the following month.

It is recommended to follow a low calorie diet in order to optimize weight loss.