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Skin with expression wrinkles

The main characteristic of aging is a slow step backwards of all the organs and their functions.

The aspect of the skin is one of the clearest signs of aging and most particularly the appearance of wrinkles.

Skin gradually loses its flexibility, it becomes thinner and drier. The epidermis becomes harder and wrinkled, the corneum stratum thickens, keratinization accelerates and its layers atrophy.




Expression wrinkles become visible. Apart from age, these wrinkles are more evident in people who smoke or who abuse sun exposure.


Adequate treatment


Therefore a percutaneous skin treatment is needed, in order to attenuate muscle contraction, to prevent cutaneous stigma and tense the skin, providing hydration and anti-wrinkle ingredients.


Home treatment

  • Cleansing
    • Day: Vitamin Biphasic Lotion.
    • Night: Natural Essential Make-Up Remover, Vitamin Biphasic Lotion.
  • Protection
    • Day: T. Botu Like Cream, Chronobiological Liquid Crystal Eye Contour.
    • Night: T. Botu Like Serum, Chronobiological Liquid Crystal Eye Contour.
  • Special care
    • Once a week: Plastic Peeling, Chrysalis Firm Mask.
    • Twice a year: During one month - Bio-Sveltine Revitalizing/Anti-Wrinkle.

Salon treatment

  1. Remove make-up from eyes and lips with Natura Essential Make-Up Remover.
  2. Remove make-up from face and neck with Vitamin Biphasic Lotion.
  3. Rinse with sponges or facial gauze, moistened with warm water.
  4. Tonify with Natura Essential Tonic Lotion –S
  5. Apply with a brush, a thin layer of Plastic Peeling onto face and neck and place one pre-cut facial gauze, molding it with your hands. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes and remove the gauze (starting by the neck and slowly going upwards). This should be carried out as gently as possible, to avoid discomfort and the sensation of pulling off the facial hair).
  6. Remove any leftover f peeling and apply, with the applicator, extracting half the content of the Botu Skin Serum Forte on the expression wrinkles. Massage the product with rotating movements (with middle fingers of both hands).
  7. Repeat the same process with the applicator, this time extracting the Botu Skin Cream (half ampoule only).
  8. Realize a stimulating massage all over face with the remaining product of the vial of Botu Skin Cream (reserving a little bit for the end of treatment).
  9. Without removing the product, apply Chrysalis Silk Mask. Leave it to work for 15 minutes and remove with sponges or facial gauze, moistened with warm water.
  10. Finally, make a gentle massage with the remaining half of Botu Skin Serum Forte until its total absorption. Apply thereafter the remaining quantity of Botu Skin Cream.


Treatment frecuency

One treatment per week, during 4 weeks and during the next 2 months one treatment every 2 weeks. In total: 8 treatments.



Note: The synergy of components of the T. Botu Like Treatment, attenuate and prevent muscle contraction, preventing wrinkles and cutaneous stigma, that appear during the passage of time.