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Stretch marks treatment

Stretch-marks are injuries of the dermis of variable length.

In reality, it is a pathological state of the connective tissue of the dermis, characterized by localized excessive fibrosis in the form of strings which is the result of the rupture and poor quality of the previously existing fibers. We could say that stretch-marks are scars of the skin tissue.




Stretch-marks appear especially and more or less frequently in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, bust area, lumbar area, arms and legs. Women normally suffer from stretch-marks during puberty and pregnancy.


Adequate treatment


Currently there is no therapeutic treatment to completely make the stretch-marks disappear. They normally fade away over the years, until they become almost invisible.


We can try to prevent them, although only in an empirical way, with massages that stimulate the cutaneous circulation and with active ingredients that help in the synthesis of collagen and elastin.





  • Day: Repeat the same protocol during the night.
  • Night: Make pinching movements (in order to stimulate the blood circulation) on the area to be treated and apply Spa Reaffirming Cream.
  • Special care
    • Apply once a week and during two months: AHA Fruit Forte Complex Intensive Exfoliant on the damaged area.




  1. Cleanse the area to be treated with Pure Skin Foam Cleanser.
  2. Remove with sponges or facial gauzes with warm water.
  3. Carry out a peeling, by applying one ampoule of AHA Fruit Forte Complex Intensive Exfoliant with a cosmetic brush of Glycolic Acid.
  4. Let it work during 10 minutes and remove it with sponges or a facial gauze moistened with warm water.
  5. Once the product is removed, provoke a hyperemia with fingertips, using the pinching technique.
  6. Ionize or apply manually, one ampoule of Bio-Sveltine Reducing/Reaffirming until its total absorption.
  7. Without removing the product, apply an Alginatos Mask CA-37 and let it work during 20 minutes.
  8. Remove the product completely. Remove possible leftover product with cotton pads, moistened with Natura Essential Tonic Lotion.
  9. Complete the treatment doing a roller massage, using Spa Reaffirming Cream.




It is recommendable to give 2 treatments per week during the first month, and once per week during the following month.


Note: It is absolutely necessary to follow the exact indications for the home treatment, as recommended by the professional.



Do not apply this treatment on skin with skin conditions (as in sores, rashes, etc.)


During the first minutes of application the skin can turn red and stingy, which will disappear shortly after.


If the reaction is superior to normal, remove the product with abundant water, even if the treatment has not been finished.


Do not depilate the skin 24 hours before and after the application of the treatment.


Avoid direct sun exposure during treatment.


Do not use electric appliances during application of treatment.


Do not apply this treatment when applying other dermatological treatments such as:

Herpes Treatment

Hormone Treatment

Treatment with Retinoic Acid or any other treatment.


You can combine the treatment with other cosmetic treatments, because of the synergic action; it increases the absorption of the product.


Initially, we recommend the use of AHA products by the client at home, for at least 7 days. Thereafter it is advisable to continue with the salon treatment.

Important note: Buffered System product: contains a neutralizing solution of a part of the glycolic acid by means of salt of the acid itself (glycolate), which regulates and maintains the pH skin factor, avoiding the danger of an excessive aggressive action.