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The sun tans better... trough Alber d'Arnal!


Trust the solar products of Albert d'Arnal and take full advantage of the beneficiary effects of the sun. Get the right tan!  Your skin will be very thankful.


AFTER SUN. Collagen + Elastin + Tenuiflora


Refreshing emulsion that restores hydration. It protects against possible burns caused by solar radiation and relieves the discomfort of erythema, leaving the skin relaxed.

Instructions: After exposure to the sun, or irritated skin, apply all over your body leaving acting to total absorption.

Presentation: 200 ml




Sunscreen especially suitable for quick and lasting tan avoiding the adverse effects of solar radiation. Protects from dehydration and free radicals that cause cellular aging.

Instructions: Apply before sun bath to prepare the skin, and after the solar bath can be applied to continue the anti-aging treatment and strengthen the tan obtained.

Presentation: 120 ml


ULTRA PROTECTED SUN. SPF 28. Facial and body. With mineral sunscreen. Waterproof.


Because of its high sun protection factor and its high content of moisturizing and softening elements, protects effectively eliminating the irritation caused by sun exposure. Hydrates and protects the skin by preventing skin aging. Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.

Instructions: Apply liberally with gentle massage. For maximum effectiveness, repeat the application as often as desired.

Presentation: 200 ml


SUN BLOCK B SPF 50. Anti-aging Vitamin E. Waterproof


Special cream for skin photoprotective solar intolerances (skin marks, pigmentation marks or for people who are making products glycolic treatments, bleaching, etc.). Suitable also for fragile or sensitive skins and children in extreme sea and snow sports outdoors.

Instructions: Apply face and body 30 minutes before sun exposure. It can also be used as a protective day cream or makeup before.

Presentation: 50 ml




Non-greasy liquid emulsion that moisturizes the skin in addition to protecting it. It Contains Vitamin E, antioxidant and anti-free radical effects. Easy and fast application, provides a pleasant feeling of freshness. It is absorbed immediately achieving an even tan.

Instructions: Shake before use to achieve perfect homogeneity of its components. Spray on the body before sun exposure. Renew regularly after each bath.

Presentation: 300 ml


SUN COLOUR. SPF 15. Anti-aging. All skin types. Waterproof


Colored facial sunscreen. Light texture waterproof. Thanks to the components it contains provides hydration, protection and regeneration of the epidermis. This product is the perfect partner for the woman who wants to protect their skin look healthy appearance, during and after sun exposure, without makeup.

Instructions: Apply a light layer over face and neck, before and after sun exposure. It uses after tanning UVA rays are advised to hydrate, strengthen and beautify the skin color.

Presentation: 50 ml


SUN LIP. SPF 15. Lip Protector

 Protective nutrient base. Moisturizes and softens lips, protects against cold and solar radiation.

Instructions: Apply to lips as often as necessary to ensure effective protection.


Presentation: 4 ml