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The cell renovators: in only 20 minutes you will look beautiful all week!



Peeling Gommage with refreshing effect. Descales impurities of the skin, eliminates dead skin cells, while improving cellular renovation.


Instructions: Can be applied as a gommage. Remove the product after a few minutes, while rubbing with fingertips or with scrub-effect. Finish treatment with applying an appropriate tonic lotion.


Presentation:  200 ml.  

PLASTIC PEELING. Cell Renewal / Sensitive Skin


Cell-renewing with soft action and refreshing effect. Ideal for sensitive skin types.


Instructions: Cleanse and tonify the skin correctly and apply with a facial brush a very fine layer of the peeling on the area to be treated. Place a facial gauze over the layer of the peeling and leave the product to work for about 20 minutes. Remove the peeling together with the gauze as it were a plastic mask. 



Presentation: 200 ml.  

SVELT PLUS PEELING GOMMAGE. All skin types - Face and Body


Cell renewal mask. Descales the impurities of the skin, while eliminating the damaged skin cells, obtaining a better cellular renovation.


Instructions: Cleanse skin and apply a thin layer of the peeling on the area to be treated. Wait for approximately 10 minutes and remove the product while rubbing it off with fingertips. Finish treatment with appropriate tonic lotion.


Presentation: 200 ml.